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April 10

“Tradition Five states that no other purpose can be greater than, or equal to, that of carrying the message of recovery.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 84

Seven months ago, after serving twelve years of a fifteen-year sentence, I was detained due to the state filing a petition to have me committed as a sexually violent predator. Few ever win their freedom, and less than eleven percent of those committed are ever released.

SAA has been a vital part of my thriving in this stage of life’s journey. I help in every way I can to fulfill the primary purpose—carrying the message to the sex addict who still suffers. Is there a better place to be of service than where I am?

I carry the message by living a life of sobriety that’s attractive enough that other sex addicts want what I have. I try to conduct myself in a way that lets everyone know I am committed to recovery. I work to keep my priorities straight and be of service to those who still suffer. In maintaining my own sobriety, and by giving away what I was freely given, I am, in turn, being inspired.

Amazingly, my life has never been better. I’ve never been a better person, had better friends, or had a greater purpose. As I surrender my will and my life to the care of God as I understand God, trusting in God’s divine plan, and living a life of service one day at a time, my life has purpose and meaning.

To be inspired, be inspirational.