Tools of Recovery


Living Through the Discomfort of Withdrawal
If you become abstinent from addictive sexual behavior, you may experience withdrawal, just as you would from alcohol or any addictive drug.  Withdrawal is not a metaphor.  It is a physiological phenomenon with emotional and mental compo­nents.


June 20
The phone is a central tool of recovery for many addicts.


About Tools of Recovery

One of the basic principles of SAA is that one sex addict helps another. Tradition Eight says that Sex Addicts Anonymous is non-professional. “We are all sex addicts who desire to stop addictive sexual behavior...If SAA were to offer professional help, the essential nature of our meetings and our program would be altered beyond recognition” (Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 89).

The work of SAA is not professional. The pathway, the solution, and the tools the fellowship offers are not the tools of a therapist, but rather those of members who are sex addicts and have lived their own recovery.

The booklet Tools of Recovery does not include all possible tools, but it does include a treasure box of tools that have helped thousands of addicts recover. Like all literature, Tools of Recovery is best read and discussed with one's sponsor or others in recovery.

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