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April 15

“We learned that our First Step was both an event and an ongoing process.”

“First Step To Recovery”

Being a sex addict requires a certain wariness. There are times when my addiction seems to go into remission. I’m free from inappropriate sexual urges. I think that maybe all that work I’ve done on the Steps and on myself and all the therapy has healed me. I begin to feel that I can go to meetings, but I don’t have to worry about a slip.

Invariably, something comes along that triggers me and I’m proved wrong. It’s disappointing, but it’s okay. I’m a sex addict.

But there is a safeguard against this disease. I have to acknowledge on a daily basis that I’m a sex addict, and surrender my addiction to my Higher Power. I have found that it is easiest to do at the beginning of my day when I wake, before I pick up my cell phone or turn on my computer. Sometimes I visualize wrapping my addiction up and handing it to my Higher Power. My prayer is that my day will be sober and not controlled by my addiction. For me this reprieve lasts one day. My life will become unmanageable if I think otherwise.

At day’s end, I review my day and gratefully discover that my prayer has been answered.

I acknowledge that I’m a sex addict, asking my Higher Power to help me stay sober, today.