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April 18

“The danger in playing the victim is that we might develop a sense of entitlement to act out.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 65

I had always had a vaunted attitude of responsibility. I thought I was superior to others in being well-mannered and having high-minded ideals. The problem in being what I thought was morally upright all the time is that I was often left out of fun and interesting activities with other people. I found myself lonely, frustrated, and resentful, and I used these emotions to rationalize engaging in questionable behavior. I had to steal what I thought I needed to survive.

I am now taking more responsibility for my life. My deprivation was the result of a narrow, distorted view of the world. I am letting go of blame and I am learning to take in love and support. I no longer have a score to settle. I need not take advantage of others; they don’t owe me anything. My Higher Power and the program are showing me how to meet my needs.

I pray for the courage to let go of old attitudes and embrace new ones that are loving of all, including me.