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April 3

“When we are free from self-importance, we can recognize that we have much to be grateful for.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 45

I am in an exam room at our local ER. I ran a drill-bit through my thumb. Within twenty minutes of arriving, I was admitted, interviewed, x-rayed, and shown to the exam room. That was two hours ago. This room is cold. It’s way past suppertime, and my thumb really hurts. But mostly, I am grateful.

After an hour, I stuck my head out to see if they had forgotten me. They were gracious and apologetic, assuring me that they would see me as soon as possible. Then I looked around. Every room had someone in it, and they looked worse-off than me. Quick visit from the doctor. He apologized, telling me of heart attacks and strokes among other patients.

Second round in this room alone. I am still cold and hungry, and my thumb hurts, but in a while, I get to go to my loving home, eat a nice supper, and sleep in my own bed. I be the luckiest person in this ER. I used this time to call program friends and family, and even did some creative writing. Good news from the x-ray: no bone or metal fragments, so they won’t have to dig anything out. A tetanus shot, a prescription, a few simple instructions, and I can go home.

Not my best day, but, thanks to the program of Sex Addicts Anonymous, I was able to be gracious, and found many reasons to be grateful.

I always have something to be grateful for.