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April 4

“With small but significant actions, we can work Step Three by establishing a commitment to the program.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 30

I have found that faith is not so much a feeling as an action. Faith is certainly dependant upon action. My recovery is like walking upward on a downward-moving escalator. Every minute of every day I’m granted the serenity and strength to abstain from my addictive behaviors as long as I keep climbing by being vigilant and working this program. If I practice the principles I’m learning in recovery, I’m given power.

I know that my own actions aren’t keeping me sober; God is. But the things I do—reading SAA literature, talking with my sponsor, working steps, making outreach calls, praying and meditating—are avenues to my Higher Power that give serenity and power to stay sober. If I take time to connect with God, I provide opportunities for my Higher Power to communicate and to help me.

When I make choices that disconnect me from my Higher Power or isolate me from others, I’m not as able to sense God’s will or influence. The downward escalator of addiction will then carry me back into unmanageability pretty quickly. I can’t demand God’s power, but I can open my mind and heart, and invite God to help and strengthen me.

May I make the time and effort to invite God’s power and love into my life.