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April 5

“Eventually, discomfort gives way to a sense of belonging and feeling of relief that there are others like us.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 12

I was at my wits’ end. My daily need for porn at work had destroyed my career and was about to do the same to my marriage and family. I was summarily dismissed after my employer investigated my computer at work. I now had to explain to my family why our income and lifestyle would end, and I considered ending my life rather than facing my spouse.

Fortunately, I found SAA online and contacted the local group secretary. He talked me out of doing anything rash, and invited me to visit the group that evening before going home. At my first meeting, I immediately had hope that I could overcome my addiction and rebuild my life. Other members understood my shame and pain. I received guidance on how to approach my family and friends.

During my three years in the program, my family has supported my recovery and the rebuilding of my life. People I love depend on me, and I have much to live for. Most important was discovering that I am not alone. Others in the fellowship have experienced problems similar to mine, and they offer hope.

God, thank you for letting me find that I am not alone.