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April 7

“Keeping our attention in today helps us to show up and be present for our own lives, while resting in the faith that God’s care is sufficient for the future.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 65

How much freedom we would feel, how liberated from anxiety and shame we would be, if only we could keep our focus on the present moment! As addicts, we often become so wrapped up in trying to escape our past or control our future that we pay little attention to simply doing the next right thing. Yet visions of past and future are just thoughts. This very moment is all that is real.

I use my daily meditation time as a way to focus in on what’s happening right now, letting go of the past and the future. In this way, I learn to encounter my Higher Power moment by moment. By daily practice, I acquire, develop, and maintain the skill of staying in the present moment. When I am in the present moment, I find it easier to turn things over when difficulties arise.

Today I will deepen my conscious contact with my Higher Power by turning my attention to the present, where I really live.