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April 8

“A growing sense of community within the SAA fellowship, and a newfound ability to live in the moment under God’s care, gives us the courage to go forward in recovery.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 31

I was feeling selfish and disconnected for a few days this week. I was not accepting of things the way they are. I wanted to be in a different place in a different time. That is not helpful to my recovery. Thinking too much, I get lost and flood myself with thoughts such as, “The negative behaviors don’t seem so bad.”

My serenity and recovery are the good stuff. Focusing on negativity or avoiding problems has never been a solution. When I am quiet and still, clarity and honesty seem to surface. May I open my heart to love and find my outer circle. Thank you for a few quiet moments. The hush of heaven holds my heart today. Thank you very much. Amen.

When I remove myself from the center of the universe and look for the good, I can find serenity.