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August 11

“An inventory allows us to go over our lives methodically and objectively, reevaluating assumptions, beliefs, and feelings that we have held onto for years but perhaps never examined or questioned.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 32

For as long as I remember, I have loved garage sales. The process enchanted me: finding a rare gem, then determining if I wanted to pay to call it mine.

When working Steps Four through Six, I had an epiphany: instead of looking at this task as something to be dreaded (as so many people do), what if I looked at it as my recovery garage sale? I did just that. I carefully, fearlessly, and spiritually turned every stone in my mind. Who or what was I angry with? Why? How did it hurt me? What was my part? Most importantly, was the feeling of value to me, or was it better off sold to the universe? I also discovered some awesome things I owned.

In Step Five, my sponsor helped me sort through this garage full of stuff. She helped me identify, label, and better understand many of the items. In the process, we contemplated, laughed, and cried.

In Step Six, I became willing, sooner or later, to let these items go, like the mental macramé owl that somebody gave me way back when. In Step Seven, I gave these to my Higher Power because they were too heavy for me to lift. I also did this in the faith that something better would come to replace it.

The Steps are an adventure that clears the clutter, reveals hidden treasure, and opens up space for even better things.