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August 13

“Our experience has shown that we move forward in our recovery when we take action. Understanding our addiction benefits us in many ways, but ultimately, we can’t think our way out of the problem.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 63

With shame and embarrassment after each relapse, I promised myself that this time it would be different. As long as I think I can fix my problem by myself, I cannot stop the insanity of my addiction. If thinking about change were enough, I would have fixed myself a long time ago. I’ve proven, over and over, that just thinking about it gets me nowhere.

My recovery is based on a series of decisions to keep on track. These decisions about my newfound way of life must be followed by action. Taking action is what actually sends me along the path of change. Using my outer circle as a guide to healthy actions, I can keep myself on the recovery track. I cannot think my way into right action, but I can act my way into right thinking.

The book Sex Addicts Anonymous says that we can put the decision of Step Three into effect by taking small but significant actions. They include meetings, prayer, meditation, phone calls, literature, step work, sponsor work, service, etc. Making this small commitment and being accountable for my actions move me closer to turning my will and my life over to the care of a Higher Power. Each choice toward recovery that I act on creates space wherein my Higher Power can guide me.

Today I choose to recover. I pray for willingness to act on my choice.