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August 15

“Developing our creativity helps us play and heal. We express ourselves in different ways.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 65

How many artists, musicians, and writers have we discovered sitting right next to us in SAA meetings? For some of us, our sexual addiction whittled away at our creative lives, leaving us with fantasy, obsession, and the compulsion to act out sexually. We told ourselves we weren’t good enough. We could not show people our art, we could not let them hear our music, we hid our poetry. We found shame and isolation everywhere.

In recovery from our sexual addiction, we try to live in our outer circle. We learn that expressing our creativity connects us to other people, and we begin to feel the presence of our Higher Power through our creativity. We sing, we write, we read, we paint, we garden, we hike, we sew, we bike, we surf, we dance, we build, we garden, we listen, we cook, we relax, we laugh. We laugh! We share these and a thousand other acts of creation with the people we love. We take these actions, and we feel different.

In our creativity, we realize that playfulness is another tool of our recovery. We find wonder, awe, and gratitude for our sober lives and the gifts we have been given. We play imperfectly, but we play, and we begin to heal.

Let me have a playful heart today.