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August 17

“The key to Step Two is not just believing in a Higher Power, but believing that this Power can and will restore us to sanity.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 27

I saw it at my first meeting—people who were sane, serene, and at peace. Such hope! I wanted it. Meanwhile here I was—tormented, possessed, and literally insane. How did they do it? I saw them being honest, and being willing to accept new ways of thinking and behaving. As I listened, it became apparent that these people did not escape the shackles of their addiction single-handedly. I continued to attend meetings, hoping some of this good fortune would rub off on me. Little by little I surrendered.

I experience the solution with each honest share, and I start to feel connected to something bigger than myself. I discover that I am not doing this on my own. There is a power moving through these meetings and through this program. I’ve seen this power reflected in others, and I’ve seen it move in my own recovery as unexplainable miracles. It was this power that led me to this program, and this power is leading me into a new life. I’ve seen the miracles. I believe. I am ready to be restored to sanity. I am taking action.

I pray for willingness to accept and embrace the grace that accompanies this program.