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August 2

“The miracle of recovery from sex addiction becomes a reality we experience every day.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 66

During fellowship after a phone meeting, I commented that each of the callers in our small group had reported doing something miraculous that week. Someone who’d joined the meeting late asked for a brief recap of what each person did that was so miraculous. Caught off guard, there was stunned silence for a beat or two, and then I shared about my last week. I explained that even though I’m struggling with something in my life, I’m not trying to escape the emotional pain by acting out. I’m asking others for support through outreach calls instead of isolating as I did before. I’m working the Steps around my challenges instead of being overwhelmed into inactivity, as I used to. And I’m giving it to my Higher Power instead of trying to figure it out or control it, as I would have done in the past. For me, this is miraculous!

Many times I fail to see the miracle of my recovery because I’m looking for evidence of progress in a place different than where it’s manifesting itself. I may wish I were farther along the path or able to do something that someone else is doing, but comparing myself to others doesn’t serve me. Comparing myself with my past self and recognizing the changes and growth fills me with a sense of wonder and appreciation.

I will take a moment to inventory my progress, and to recognize, in joy and gratitude, my recovery as the miracle it truly is.

I am living a miracle.