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August 20

“We learn to deal with conflict and to be honest.”

Tools of Recovery, page 13

Sometimes I despair that my recovery will ever progress. It seems an enormous task, and I think of giving up. But just a little honesty, a little courage, and a little faith in my Higher Power can make an enormous difference. Suddenly there is hope that things can change. It doesn’t take much light to guide me through a dark passage in life.

This is one of the miracles of our program. Our disease is so overpowering, and we are so weak in the face of it, yet just a little surrender to the program can give us the momentum and hope to move forward, even when that seems impossible. The rewards of this small effort are a hundredfold, for they allow me to move on to the next stage of recovery where new possibilities and challenges exist.

Courageous honesty is like grease that unbinds me when I get stuck. Perhaps there is a fact I don’t want to admit, or a feeling I’m trying to avoid, or I just want to get my way. One little bit of honesty, acknowledging how I am, might feel overwhelming and un-natural, but it is a part of growing in recovery, and a perfect antidote to sex addiction. With the help of my Higher Power, my sponsor, and the fellowship, I can do it.

Today I trust that a little bit of honesty will be enough to help me move forward in my recovery.