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August 22

“At meetings we emerge from our shame, secrecy, and fear, into a community of people who share the common goal of freedom from sex addiction.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 10

I was a little apprehensive about going to my first meeting of Sex Addicts Anonymous. I was afraid I’d find a room full of unshaven, drooling perverts in trench coats. What I found instead were perfectly nice, ordinary people who happened to have the same addiction that I have. I met people who used to act out the way I did, but some of them had been sober for years. I heard members share honestly and openly about things that I never talked to anybody about. Their openness gave me permission to get honest, too.

As I shared about my secret life of acting out, the embarrassment and shame fell away. I was able to face my problem and to accept help from other members and from a Power greater than myself. It was in meetings that I heard about the solution in the Twelve Steps, reconnected with my spirituality, and began to rejoin the human race.

Today, I will stay connected to my SAA community and share the solution with others. I will make it to a meeting.