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August 27

“Most of us know that we are ready to sponsor when another member asks us, or when our own sponsor encourages us to take on a sponsee.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 14

Was it something I said? I recall asking this silently to myself just after my sponsor stopped me for a quick chat as we left a retreat workshop. He simply smiled, placed a hand on my shoulder and said, “I think you are ready to sponsor someone else now.” Despite a warm wave of appreciation, I stood partially in disbelief. I recall asking if I should be completely through the Steps, or be where I was at that time, which was working Step Nine. My sponsor’s answer almost shocked me until I thought about what he had said.

At the workshop, I was one of three speakers sharing their experience, strength, and hope. When it was my turn, I spoke of working the Ninth Step and how it felt to finally come face to face with those who suffered from my addictive behaviors. I had tears in my eyes and could barely finish without crying.

My sponsor later explained that what he heard in my sharing and saw in my expressions told him I was ready. I had simply shown what he called the three H’s: humility, honesty and healing. He then told me I was ready to help others recover.

Spending time with my sponsees and guiding them through recovery is an opportunity my Higher Power gives me to share respectful honesty and loving humility.