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August 5

“If we relapse, it is important that we get right back into recovery immediately. We need not turn a mistake into a self-destructive binge.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 67

I’ve relapsed—again! I feel soiled and ashamed. I don’t want to go back to my group and tell them that I’ve failed—again! Maybe I’ll take some time off…

Or maybe I could admit that I am powerless over my addictive behavior. Relapse is not uncommon during recovery from addiction. I can decide, again, to turn it over to my Higher Power. I can be honest with my sponsor and my friends in the program, and review what I was thinking and feeling, what I was saying to myself just before I slipped and fell again.

I can go to a meeting, knowing that there I will find someone who understands. I can listen to the experience of others, not to judge myself as better or worse, but to hear how other addicts dealt with a similar situation. I will find acceptance and encouragement from my sisters and brothers in the program.

I will go to an SAA meeting. I will be welcome there.