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August 7

“Working Step Nine brings us many gifts: true empathy for those we have harmed, compassion, self-respect, and respect for the humanity of others.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 52

I was making amends, with my sponsor’s help, to the people I harmed. I had made several amends already when I had an opportunity to make one to a friend of my father. I had stolen from him as a teenager. I was terrified but I kept praying as I approached him. I made the amends. At that moment, my world opened up and I realized I had harmed not only him, but my father indirectly.

My father’s friend did not want the money I offered him, but instead shared his troubles about his own son. I had known his son from growing up. He talked with me for about twenty minutes and since then we have connected on a deeper level. God put me there at that time not only to make things right but also as a servant to comfort another who was suffering.

I do not know what God has planned for me today, but if I am able and willing to do the work, I become connected to the people and the world around me.