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December 11

“We are grateful for this opportunity to share the precious gift of recovery with our brothers and sisters in prison.”

“Writing to Prisoners”

Prisoners convicted of criminal sexual conduct who have a desire to stop addictive sexual behavior through the SAA program are often the forgotten members of our fellowship. I know this from firsthand experience. I was a “consumer of correctional services” many years ago as a result of my victimizing and harming others through my insanity. I know the pervasive feelings of shame, guilt, loneliness, ostracism, fear, self-loathing, and hopelessness that engulf sex offenders who are incarcerated. Back on the outside, we are often stigmatized by our culture for our past, fueling those same emotions. Prison can take many forms.

I visit and sponsor a number of prisoners by letter. I offer them encouragement through my experience, strength, and hope; and I guide their work in the Twelve Steps. There are many challenges facing correspondence with prisoners, but they are manageable. I engage in this joyful task because it benefits my own recovery, and it affords me the opportunity to share the gift of recovery with those who are eager to receive it.

Despite my past, and because of it, I have much to give. Grant me compassion and courage to reach out to others.