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December 21

“We can also work the Tenth Step by checking in regularly with our sponsor or other members, or by giving a thorough and rigorous accounting of ourselves at meetings.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 53

I have struggled for years to do a daily Tenth Step, thinking it needed to be done daily, perfectly, and in a certain format. I now know that there are many different ways others in the fellowship work their Tenth Step. I learned that from talking to others in recovery.

What I did not realize (until reading Step Ten in a recent meeting, seemingly for the first time) was that every time I reached out to a program friend, checked in with my sponsor, or spoke honestly about my strengths and weaknesses at a meeting, I was, in fact, working that step to the best of my ability. I continue to pray for willingness to be a little more on-task about it, but I am happy with my progress and awareness.

God, please help me review my day in whatever form you see fit for me.