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December 24

“We can start to open ourselves to this idea by considering the forces that are clearly more powerful than we are, such as nature, society, or even our addiction. When we recognize that our own power is limited, we can more readily acknowledge the possibility of a Higher Power.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 26

When I read this passage, Steps One and Two became perfectly clear. Is there a power greater than me? Of course! My addiction is proof. If I were more powerful than my addiction, then my marriage, career, and self-esteem would not have been falling apart. I no longer need to waste time wondering if a power higher than me exists.

This also relates to Step One because my addiction is proof that my life is unmanageable by me. If I were actually able to manage my own life, I would not have had to lean on sex in the first place for control, love, or meaning. I would have had, on my own power, everything I could possibly need. Obviously, that is not the case.

The evidence clearly indicates that I am powerless over my sex addiction and unable to manage my own life, and that there are powers much greater than I. I’m grateful to this passage for opening my mind to a new way of understanding Steps One and Two and my own recovery.

If I need proof today of my powerlessness, unmanageability, and need for God, I need only look at my life before recovery.