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December 25

“Our specific words are less important than our willingness to make contact with a Power greater than ourselves and to let God’s care into our lives.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 30

In asking for help from my Higher Power, I visualize myself in a small sailboat, using an oar instead of the sail. I can make some progress with a lot of effort, and even feel a sense of control, but I am constantly struggling to stay on course, and I am missing out on a limitless resource available to me. All I have to do is put up a sail and the wind is there.

When I ask for help from my Higher Power, I demonstrate willingness and an open mind. I am tapping into a force vastly more powerful than anything I have. That resource is always there, but I have to take the action of asking for help, or the wind just blows by. I am also still responsible for my thoughts, words, and actions, but any sail I raise opens directions and possibilities beyond my limited vision and my little oar’s influence.

I pray for the willingness to ask for help, and to accept and use that help with grace.