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December 30

“We see that we are becoming better people, and we begin to experience a new sense of self-worth. We feel free to live in the present and enjoy our lives, no longer having to carry a load of despair, resentment, and fear.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 51

I love watching a TV show where people bring in their possessions to be appraised by experts. Someone brings an item in, not knowing its value and sometimes believing it worth little or nothing. It might have been passed down for generations, or purchased at a flea market. The appraisers research the item and tell the owner what they learned. Usually the owner is surprised by the informatio, and is often astounded by the value placed on their treasure. Their joy and tears move me.

Through the Twelve Steps of SAA, I brought my dusty, scraped, and scratched item—my life—to the ultimate appraiser: God. I felt my life was worthless and wanted to discard it. God took it and told me of its origins and true purpose. These revelations astounded me. I was further shocked by the value placed on my life: God found me to be priceless!

I also see my value in the eyes of my SAA brothers and sisters. Their joy at seeing me again astounds me. When they listen intently to what I share, I am humbled by the wonder of it all. Their friendship is priceless. I have value. This is serendipity at its best.

When they say, “Keep coming back; it works if you work it, and you’re worth it!”—it’s the truth.