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February 1

“I know that I am on track spiritually when I am able to be honest with myself and be present both with my feelings and with the moment at hand, no matter what it is.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 130

Feelings are real, but they are not necessarily based in truth. This reminder has been helpful when powerful emotions such as resentment, fear, loneliness, shame, or self-loathing have pulled me in the direction of acting out. Yet acting out is never a viable option.

In the moment, any feeling can be so intense and pervasive that it seems to be my whole world, my entire perception of reality. A familiar slogan of Twelve-Step programs reminds me that “This too shall pass.” If I can stop for a moment and ask for God’s grace, then I can choose sobriety and recovery.

Steps Ten, Eleven, and Twelve bolster me in the onslaught of powerful emotions. Taking personal inventory helps me to keep things in balance. Immersing myself in my Higher Power’s presence through prayer and meditation re-centers me. Engaging in service moves my focus outward. Most importantly, each step keeps me sane and sober.

I can give myself and the world a gift by practicing my recovery today.