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February 13

“We cannot afford to be complacent or to live unconsciously.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 62

I am a sex addict, and if I want to stay sober, I must be vigilant. I have a number of months of continuous sobriety from my inner circle behaviors, and a better life than I ever experienced before. If I want to keep my new life, I cannot rest on my laurels. I must keep up with my spiritual practices, which include working the Steps and using the tools of Sex Addicts Anonymous.

I recently went on a spiritual retreat for a week. Admittedly, I was secretly hoping to have a vacation from my rigorous program practices—the phone calls, the meetings. I reasoned that I was going to a meditation retreat, so I could relax my program work while there.

Fortunately, my Higher Power intervened, and two people I know from SAA arranged to take me to a meeting. I was picked up at my hotel and whisked away to an SAA meeting. I knew God was in charge, and I smiled. It was a great meeting, and I was able to get to another meeting on the phone during that week.

Because of this intervention by my Higher Power, I was made aware how, during this retreat, I could have been in active addiction. My mind would have been in a totally different realm. It would not have been a meditation retreat focused on God, it would have been instead focused on my disease. I can never be complacent or live unconsciously, even in the midst of the most spiritual circumstances.

Everyday is a new day to be vigilant about sobriety from sex addiction.