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February 15

“Every SAA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 87

In my process of growing, recovering, and ultimately, growing up in SAA, I have seen my understanding of the Seventh Tradition grow and change with me. When I first came into the rooms, I was told, “The Steps will keep you from committing suicide, and the Traditions will keep you from committing homicide.” In other words, if it was a problem with myself, find the step that applies. If it was a situation with someone else, it might be a tradition that applies.

My sponsor showed me how I could put my name in this Tradition in place of “Every SAA group,” and I could quickly see how often my acting out was connected with wanting others to support me when it was actually my job to do so.

As the years pass and I become more and more self-supporting, I have seen how my relations with others have improved. Today, I see that this is more than just “the money tradition.” It is a way of living both independently and interdependently with others.

God, help me be open and willing today to see where I can improve my practice of being self-supporting. May I also see where I excel at it.