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February 2

“Boundaries may also be limits we set and maintain with others in our lives. We learn how to let other people know how we wish to be treated and what kinds of behavior we will and will not accept. Unless we accept personal responsibility for establishing and sticking to healthy boundaries in our relationships, we run the risk of harboring resentments or casting ourselves in the role of the victim.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 64

Bumping up against limits is not easy for me. From that first painful moment I was told no, my world seemed smaller, restricted. I no longer felt that I was fully free or fully in charge.

In time, I have learned that I, too, can set limits. By saying no, I define my likes and dislikes, my principles, my values, myself. Paradoxically, it is only when I can say no that I can freely say yes. Healthy limits and boundaries free me by making the world safe for my exploration.

May I respect my own limits and those of others. May I find new freedom and safety.