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February 20

“The middle circle is where we place behavior of which we are uncertain.”

“Three Circles”

One focus of my recovery is shifting my attention from strangers to people I know. For much of my life, humanity was the collection of people I saw but did not really know. These included pedestrians on the street, drivers or passengers in cars and buses, and patrons in stores, libraries, or other establishments.

I interacted with these strangers largely through eye contact. Never was I to get beyond a fantasy relationship. I blamed people for not being more open, yet it was I who was closed off. I pushed away any individuals who seemed open to me.

In recovery I am attempting to avoid the frank eye contact with strangers, and have put this in my middle circle. Most importantly, I am taking baby steps toward strengthening my friendships and meeting new people. The loving fellowship of SAA provides me with wonderful opportunities to actually get to know people.

Let my eyes help me see those I would befriend.