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February 21

“Putting slippery behaviors in our middle circle is a way of warning ourselves when we are in danger of acting out.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 18

These are the times, surroundings, behaviors, and thoughts that could easily lead me to my inner circle. Staying at the edge through self-will sets me up for self-sabotage and a return to that darkness we know all too well. But I don’t have to, not anymore! When my mind gets cluttered in uncertainty whether a certain item is unhealthy or putting me at risk, I can find relief in a simple tool.

I write down the times, behaviors, surroundings, and mind-sets that jeopardize my sobriety and serenity. I then share what I write with my sponsor. Before doing this, my thoughts are vague, coated by denial. By writing the situation down, it becomes defined, concrete, and clear. I see it for what it is. Also, putting the situation down on paper immediately calms my mind and eases my emotions.

Sharing honestly with my sponsor helps me further identify and define these behaviors. I can then put them in my middle circle if indicated.

Today, I have a choice, and I choose to expose my shadows to the light.