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February 24

“Whenever we ask for this help, we invite God into our lives in a new way.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 43

I’m not very good at receiving from others. At the same time, I tend to hoard things. In my mind’s eye, I see my hands piled with useless junk. I can’t receive or hold anything new until I put something down. Likewise, I can’t fully receive God’s love and healing until I give up what’s blocking me from accepting it.

The Steps help me identify the self-will that prevents my healing and growth. But I can’t change my own programming; all I can do is become willing to allow God to change it. Demanding that God do that for me doesn’t work either, but when I invite my Higher Power to remove my resentment, impatience, fear, and the other things that impede my recovery, and when I humbly ask to be filled with love and light instead, I can feel my nature changing.

As I do things that strengthen my relationship with God, that connection increases my sense of self-worth. When I surrender my character defects to my Higher Power, it leaves my heart free to receive what God wants to give me.

God, please take from me whatever hinders my progress and give me what I need to grow.