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February 25

“Sometimes we need to call people to help start our day. At other times, we may need to check in about current thoughts and behaviors. Some suggest calling three people every day in order to build and maintain a support system.”

Tools of Recovery, page 10

Over the years I have come to love the slogans. They encapsulate a lot of wisdom in a few words, and can readily be called up to guide an action or decision. One such slogan is “let it begin with me.”

I was always hesitant to start anything new in recovery. The actions often seemed trite, scary, or both. Some years ago, someone at a meeting said, “I need to rat out my addict.” I was immediately struck with the importance of this. I decided to do it, which meant action. After years of making very few phone calls, I started making regular phone calls to program friends. I let it begin with me.

Making those calls, I couldn’t expect the other person to rat out my addict. Again, I had to let it begin with me. I needed to practice rigorous honesty. I checked in regarding my insanity, feelings of being triggered, whether or not I acted on those feelings, why I might be feeling triggered, etc. Those calls have changed my life. My addict has been withering ever since.

When I let it begin with me, I am free to take responsibility for my own recovery.