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Introduction to Tools of Recovery

Achieving and maintaining abstinence from compulsive sexual behavior is not easy.  When we enter Sex Addicts Anonymous many of us feel demoralized and overwhelmed.  Regardless of the powerlessness and unmanageability in our lives, our presence in these rooms signifies a desire to heal.  In the stories of others we hear that recovery from the addiction is possible.  One day at a time, we learn how to accept the past and to show up for the challenges and gifts of today.  Eventually, we become willing to embrace sobriety as a way of life.

Abstinence from sexual acting out, however, doesn’t always come quickly. Most of us had to have some distance from acting out before we could get a clearer picture of the seriousness of our condition.

The purpose of this booklet is to describe some of the tools that have supported our efforts toward abstinence and helped us get through the rough times when we wanted to act out sexually.  Our definition of a “tool” is simple and broad.  It is any resource, action, or attitude that supports our recovery — anything we can use to help keep us sober (Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 62).

We have found that by being open to using the tools of SAA we are continually led into a way of life that is much more satisfying and serene than the one we had before.  We hope that you will find much within these pages that will safeguard your sobriety and strengthen your recovery.