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January 1

“Continuing to apply them on a daily basis keeps us spiritually fit and growing in recovery.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 61

The following has been attributed to many different musicians: “I must practice daily. If I miss one day, I can hear it in my playing. If I miss two days, the band can hear it. And if I miss three days, the public can hear it.”

My recovery practice includes: attending meetings, praying, reading the literature, making calls to others in recovery, working the Steps (including my daily Tenth Step inventory), and engaging in my outer circle. If I skip my recovery practice for one day, I can feel it. I am more vulnerable to small irritations and temptations—I am just not quite right. If I skip two days, I am prone to impatience and fantasy. If I skip three days, I start developing resentments and I am off in my head with addictive plans and schemes. I’m never sure how much others notice, but in all cases, I am further away from the people in my life, I no longer live in serenity, and I return to the chaos of my addictive life.

To me, recovery is an artistic gift to the world. It allows me to make beautiful life music. I make the world better by practicing my daily recovery plan.

I can give myself and the world a gift by practicing my recovery today.