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January 22

“But with others of like mind, we discover a new courage and a new faith.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 13

For many years I felt so alone. Isolated in addiction, I was convinced I was unique, different, and alone. I thought I was the only person who struggled with compulsive sexual behavior. Lost in this world, it is so easy to give up and give oneself over to the compulsion and obsession. And that’s what I did for years—just gave up.

When I first heard of SAA, I was amazed. Being convinced I was alone, I found it hard to believe that there was an entire fellowship dedicated to this issue. Being with others of like mind means two things to me. The first like mind is that all of us in the fellowship of SAA know the disease of sex addiction. Each face I turn to in a meeting knows the pain, the suffering, and torment of this disease. I am not alone; we are not alone.

The second like mind is that each of us is determined to seek a spiritual awakening and an end to active sexual addiction. Every time I sit in a meeting, I know the faces I’m seeing are all there sharing in a common solution. When I share in this common solution by attending meetings and working the Twelve Steps, I avail myself of the collective wisdom of the thousands in the fellowship. I cannot help but discover courage and faith in this light.

Have I discovered faith in a common solution and the courage to walk the Steps?