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January 25

“At the same time, we don’t claim that our program is the only way to recover, or oppose those who believe differently. Our only interest is to inform people about the SAA program, to the best of our ability, and not to try to argue or convince.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 93

This passage from SAA’s Tradition Ten is appealing and refreshing. In the early days of Twelve Step programs, when they were seeing prodigious successes where others had failed, those founders were the first to say that the fault was not in the other approaches, but in the nature of the disease.

Even if I am not religious, I may get help and learn from religious people. If I have problems that are best treated medically, it is likely wise to pursue medical solutions, as long as I consult with my sponsor, my conscience, and my Higher Power before taking any drastic actions. Numerous times in my recovery, I have found the guidance and support of a professional therapist to be very helpful.

The idea that any approach holds all of the answers lacks the very humility I seek as a healing source in my recovery. When I carry the program of SAA to other sex addicts, I need not reject or belittle the idea that they may also find help with a therapist, medicine, or the religion of their choice. To do this might discourage others from finding a solution to the incredibly complex problem of sexual addiction, and also carry a message of intolerance and conceit.

I will respect the choices of others in SAA as they pursue their recovery.