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January 6

“With spiritual awareness comes the responsibility, the desire, and the need to help other suffering sex addicts, just as help was freely given to us.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 59

Before starting my recovery journey, I made little time for anyone or anything but my addiction. By staying sober and working the Twelve Steps, I have gained a new spirituality and a new freedom. Suddenly, all of the time spent on my addiction became available for spiritual growth and working with others.

My sponsor pointed out from the beginning that any addiction indicates a spiritual impairment, and that only a spiritual solution can remedy a spiritual flaw. He taught me how to internalize an attitude of gratitude as I offered my experience and hope to others in the program.

As others have selflessly guided me in my spiritual growth, I similarly strive to make myself available to those seeking this spiritual solution. By getting outside myself and making myself available to others, I have been able to be a bit less selfish and self-centered, which in turn allows progress in my own recovery journey. My best vehicle for demonstrating gratitude is simply making myself available to others and honestly sharing the struggles and joys that recovery from sex addiction has created in my life.

Sobriety and recovery equals freedom. When I am truly grateful for this gift, I can be a conduit where my Higher Power can work through me for the benefit of other sex addicts.

God, let me demonstrate my gratitude for recovery by sharing what I was freely given.