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January 7

“An important part of my recovery is to share my experience with other sex addicts who are trying to find a way out of the insanity.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 302

Early in recovery, I couldn’t imagine the day I would carry this message to others as suggested in Step Twelve. Today, however, if I am open, Twelfth-Step opportunities present themselves fairly often. I have to be willing to swallow my pride and timidity, and to act. After seeing people die from addiction, including sex addiction, I swore I would not pass up another opportunity to carry the message of recovery. This steels my resolve.

Hurting people are everywhere. I have shared about Twelve-Step recovery at work, at church, and at other recovery meetings if I think our fellowship could help someone struggling with a sex or intimacy issue.

I rarely declare that I am a sex addict or member of SAA, but I talk about my fear of intimacy and its destructive effect in my life. I say I have found it helpful to talk about my struggles with people who have similar issues and are finding solutions. I share some of my less-sensitive insane thinking. I believe I am planting seeds whenever I am willing to open up.

Sharing the message of recovery isn’t always comfortable, but it always connects me to my Higher Power and others. Giving away healing is the most healing thing I do. It takes courage and humility, but I believe God supplies these if I am open and willing.

Hurting people are everywhere. Help me see and take opportunities to plant seeds of healing.