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July 14

“Meetings are the heart of the SAA fellowship.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 10

When I first started the Twelve Steps I was not sure it was for me. I still wanted to act out after meetings. I would feel alone, crazy, and helpless, making calls to act out rather than reach out. But I kept coming back and found that, over time, if I kept to regular meetings, I had less crazy, unhealthy thoughts. Things people said would surface later in times of need.

One day I came home tired, wanting to act out, and I remembered someone talking about connecting to their Higher Power through nature and observing a strong wind. At the same moment, I observed through my window the wind blowing the trees, and I felt the presence of a Higher Power. I relaxed and no longer felt like acting out.

I can now see that perseverance brings truth to the saying, “Keep coming back—it works and we are worth it.”