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July 20

“When we sense what God would have us do, we also ask for the power to carry that out.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 58

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, it’s usually because I’m doing things on my own. Old habits of trying to measure up or prove that I’m of value through my actions may be surfacing. Or I may be so excited about giving Twelfth-Step service that I take on more than I can handle. Sometimes, I allow schedule changes to get in the way of practices like prayer and meditation that keep me connected with my Higher Power.

I’ve heard that recovery has a shelf life of about twenty-four hours, and it has proven true for me. If I get lax with daily conscious contact, the connection wavers, and I start feeling confused, fearful, unsteady, or irritable. There are times, though, when I have been consistently spending time with God, that I still feel like life is too much for me to handle. When this happens, I’m probably doing my best to know God’s will and carry it out, but forgetting to pray for power to do it.

My experience has been that, when I’ve thought to ask for strength, wisdom, and ability, I have been able to accomplish much more than I ever could have alone. God has helped me prioritize and manage my time. I’ve been able to remember things. Doors have opened. Supporting friends have appeared. Miracles great and small have happened. And I trust it will continue if I remember to ask.

May I remember to look to the source of power today and ask for help.