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July 25

“Having only one primary purpose in our service activities keeps everything simple and focused.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 84

On my bookshelf I have dictionaries and grammars for many languages: Latin, Spanish, Yiddish, Hebrew, and Esperanto. I have books on linguistics, history, philosophy, psychology, comparative religions, politics, and do-it-yourself spirituality. I am interested in so many things that I can’t focus on any one thing. I aimlessly flitter from one topic to the next, alighting on whatever catches my fancy in the moment. I’m so interested in so many things that neither I nor anyone else knows what primarily motivates me. Neither I nor others know what I want to accomplish in this world. This lack of focus means I’ve never learned any one skill or knowledge to any degree of expertise.

What would Sex Addicts Anonymous look like if it were as complicated and unfocused as me? Thankfully, I do not have to answer that question. Since coming to the fellowship of Sex Addicts Anonymous, I have received a consistent, focused message: the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Sex Addicts Anonymous. In the meetings I’ve attended, I’ve never heard the message of another program. When I attend meetings of Sex Addicts Anonymous, I’m never confused as to what fellowship I’m attending. Further, because Sex Addicts Anonymous sticks to its message and purpose, it has a level of expertise I’ve come to trust.

Our singleness of purpose binds us.