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July 28

“In our groups, there is a collective wisdom that has grown and been handed down over the years. We learn many new solutions to old problems.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 2

In meetings I heard people share that they were taught to do this or that for their recovery. I wondered how they got such great instruction. No one was instructing me about all these clever ways to be sober. I wanted a manual and I wanted someone to care enough about me to give it to me. Over time I came to understand that the teaching is going on at every meeting. All I needed to do was listen and observe.

Over and over people shared their challenges, hardships, and victories. In every story was information about what tools of the program they used, what experience, strength and hope they received from sponsors and others, and how they resolved their challenges using the program. I was being taught by people who loved me. I only needed to listen.

Our solution is available in every meeting. I will take the solutions and leave the rest.