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July 6

“In Step Three we listened closely for the still, quiet voice of our Higher Power, and learned to distinguish it from the din of our ego or the voice of our internal self-critic.”

“Recovery from Compulsive Sexual Avoidance”

I’ve heard it said that humility is an open channel for the power of God to flow through, and I’ve wondered why that is. One thought is that, with humility, we’re open to God because our ego isn’t getting in the way. For example, when I’m acting on self-centered character defects, they block my connection and receptivity to my Higher Power.

Another thought, though, is that humility isn’t just recognizing and admitting our character defects. It is also being open to our own abilities, and knowing that we deserve the flow of a Higher Power in our life.

As an active addict, I thought I wasn’t worthy of good things from a Higher Power. It was pointed out to me in my early recovery that it’s actually a form of arrogance to believe that other people are worthy and I’m not. I’m not a special case for whom the rules don’t apply. Neither am I a nobody without rights or considerations. In other words, I’m no better or worse than any other addict or human being on the planet. We all deserve goodness from our Higher Power, and humility allows me to be open to my Higher Power and allows my Higher Power to work through me.

For today, may I be open to the loving direction of my Higher Power.