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June 12

“Taking the Third Step means acting on our belief that a Higher Power can relieve our addiction and restore us to sanity.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 28

I thought that if I just stopped acting out sexually I’d be okay. But, when I stopped my addictive sexual behavior, that’s when the real fun began! I was still left with me. I had to begin my Third Step journey with the understanding that, in a way, my problem was really my insane thinking.

Science has reported that the mind of an addict is actually mapped differently. But science has not figured out a way to re-program my pathways of thought. In my experience, only God can restore my mind to right thinking.

Part of my daily prayers to God include asking for freedom from the bondage of my broken thinking. Today, I know the problem isn’t sex; the problem is me. With God’s help, I’m getting better!

I think I will let a Power greater than myself manage my thoughts—just for today.