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June 13

“We learn many new solutions to old problems. Central to these are the Twelve Steps, a spiritual program of recovery. Following these steps leads to freedom from addictive sexual behaviors and to the healing of our minds, bodies, spirits, relationships, and sexuality.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 2

I first came to SAA seeking a solution, but not really sure what I was looking for. At first I sought identification, empathising with the acting-out of other sex addicts. I stopped acting out, but the obsession remained. Eventually, after much frustration, I accepted I was powerless over acting out, and I realised I had to try and apply the principles of all of the Twelve Steps to my sex addition. I did so and placed myself at the service of newcomers and Sex Addicts Anonymous.

To my immense gratitude I found a vision for my future through the Twelve Steps of SAA: freedom from acting out in body and mind, a tool for drastically reducing fear and resentment in Step Ten, a Higher Power which I grow closer to through Step Eleven, and a freedom culminating in the practicing of the Twelfth Step—working with other sex addicts. Suddenly, what was originally for me a secret and shameful problem became the heart of a solution I could offer to others desperate enough to want to stop. The Twelve Steps changed my life and gave me a future.

If it feels like there is something missing in my recovery, I can ask myself, “Am I trying to grow in practicing all the principles of the Twelve Steps?”