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June 17

“Over time, the spiritual principles in the steps become integrated into our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 22

I spent my childhood hiding from an abusive, alcoholic father. As a result, I didn’t develop any healthy tools and behaviors to prepare me for, or assist me with, the uncomfortable situations I would face in adult life. Because I didn’t know what to do with anxious and uneasy feelings, I turned to sexual acting out to numb them. At first, I thought I could control the sexual activities I used to deaden these feelings, but I was soon out of control. The behaviors became more frequent and dangerous, as did the shame and incomprehensible demoralization from this behavior. To whom could I turn?

The Twelve Steps of Sex Addicts Anonymous provided me a roadmap to a healthy, sane, and productive life. From that paramount, first admission that I am a sex addict beckoned in Step One, to having had a beautiful, spiritual awakening predicted in Step Twelve, the spiritual principles in the Steps are now a part of me. And when I find myself in uncomfortable feelings, I can call on the powerful spiritual principles of honesty, willingness, courage, humility, forgiveness, responsibility, gratitude, and faith to restore me to sanity. As a result, I can walk soberly through, rather than around, difficult feelings.

Today, through my Higher Power and the spiritual principles of the Twelve Steps, I can face any anxious or unpleasant feelings that may arise.