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June 25

“We report how we are taking care of ourselves and what positive risks we are taking to challenge ourselves and grow.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 53

Rather than viewing Step Ten as a “maintenance step,” my sponsor explained to me that it is a growth step. Doing a written Tenth Step everyday certainly has aided me in my spiritual growth. For me, it is necessary to do a written Tenth Step.

One of the many things I look at is positive risks I am taking to challenge myself and grow. When I first started working this step, I didn’t feel comfortable taking any risks and I actually resented this question on my Tenth Step form! It seemed enough to stay sober daily and begin to rebuild my life. Looking back, I see that I was taking healthy risks at the time, and just was not aware of it. After some years of sobriety, I am more open to taking healthy risks. These risks may take the form of investigating potential friendships, learning about healthy dating, different levels of service work, or doing something in my outer circle that I haven’t done recently or perhaps ever. These are risks that help me grow in recovery, and have a fuller, richer life than I ever had before.

If I feel afraid, I can always call upon my Higher Power and support network; talking about my feelings and sharing honestly helps me to put things in perspective and to know whether the risk is a healthy one.

I am grateful for the opportunity to grow in recovery by being open to healthy risks. I have a Higher Power and people in the program supporting me. I am not alone.