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June 27

“We keep everything as simple as possible, and this helps us focus on recovery.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 90

Sometimes doing the business required to successfully navigate day-to-day life can feel overwhelming to this addict. I cannot stand beside a curling ocean wave and command it to stop. Like that wave, sometimes my feelings feel like they can and will consume me.

Sometimes a compulsive thought or scheme arises. At these times of seemingly disorganised, messy feelings, I know that my best course of action may be to relax and do nothing.

In participating in the business of such a fast-growing fellowship as SAA, I operate similarly. When I am not sure what step is the next right thing, I can wait, and do nothing. I can reason things out with others or just trust the process.

All I have to be is authentic. If the next move is not clear, or if the noise is too loud—internal or external—I can relax, trust the process, and wait on clarity.