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June 30

“For many of us, prayer simply means talking with God.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 56

I am in constant contact with my Higher Power whether I am conscious of it or not. Conscious contact means I am aware of the contact. Any time I make a point to notice my Higher Power in my life, I am being conscious. I can consciously connect by talking openly and honestly to my Higher Power throughout the day. I don’t censure or censor the words, thoughts, ideas or feelings.

For me, intimacy starts with being open and honest. As I practiced talking openly with God, I began developing internal intimacy and intimacy with my Higher Power. This building of intimacy created the conscious contact that the Steps refer to.

Once I found the connection to my Higher Power and felt safe to just talk, I was able to start opening up to the people in my life. I began trusting that, no matter what, I would be okay. This was the beginning of building intimacy with others. What a beautiful journey, and it began just by being willing to talk with God! Three prayers I often return to are help, thanks, and wow!

Conscious contact can start with a single word.