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March 1

“We realize that everything we have been through helps us to be of service to others. We learn that the world is a much safer place than we had ever known before, because we are always in the care of a loving God.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 61

The message I choose to carry is one of gratitude and recovery. For much of my life, I stared at the demon of my addiction, under its control and unable to recognize the damage until I had lost much that was precious to me. I share my story with others in the hopes that it may help someone in time to save things that they will regret having no more.

My spiritual awakening has come gradually in most ways, yet, in some, it was sudden. After identifying my problem, I was soon aware that it was only covering up deeper issues. That awareness helped me be open to all the tools and methods I encountered to delve as deep within myself as I needed to start the healing.

I know that God is, and always has been, right beside me. The Twelve Steps have been crucial to my sobriety, but more than that, they have become the foundation for my entire life. The program has not only saved my life, but also given me a blueprint for a life better than any I could have imagined for myself.

I am loved. I am healthy. I am whole. My Higher Power has given me a second lease on life and I have a responsibility to share this miracle with others like me.